Raw data for download.


The data provided allow users not only to reproduce all POPSTAR charts in a customized way, but also to benefit from the information collected by the project for scientific research purposes.

Regarding public opinion surveys, there are two types of data: vote intentions for legislative elections and performance evaluations of political leaders. In the first case, data include vote intentions for the five main political parties (with the number of undecided redistributed proportionally by the remaining voting options), the Kalman filter calculated for each party, and the corresponding confidence intervals. In the case of political leaders’ evaluations, it is provided the Kalman filter for each one of them, estimated according to each polling company’s evaluation.

Data taken from Twitter consist in the volume of mentions to each political leader and its respective polarity. In other words, for each day since June 28th, 2011, and for each political leader considered, it is provided the total volume of mentions and the sub-totals of posive, negative and neutral tweets.

As for the blogosphere and the online news, the available data consist of the total number of mentions to each political leader by day, also since June 28th, 2011.

If any doubt regarding data persists, feel free to contact us.


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